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New products from Bermont Gage & Automation: Measurement gages for every application

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About Bermont Gage & Automation

Bermont Gage & Automation is a world class specialty machine shop built to provide our customers with best in class products. We go the extra mile in building quality into every project.


As an ISO certified supplier our products fulfill your quality requirements, applicable regulatory requirements, while enhancing your satisfaction, and achieving continual improvement of performance.


With more than 55 years of collective experience, Bermont Gage & Automation is your one stop source for gage, automation and manufacturing services. We specialize in high quality gages and fixtures, providing high end, high tolerance machine tool details. Our full service machine shop produces simple machine parts to complex checking and test fixtures.


Bermont Gage & Automation also provides design services in the following packages:

  • AutoCad & Mechanical Desktop
  • SolidWorks


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